10 Romantic Long-Distance Relationship Valentine’s Day Ideas

For couples in a long-distance relationship, Valentine’s Day could easily be renamed “Distance Awareness Day.”

You can’t relate to the roommate who’s going out with her boyfriend, and the annual Galentine’s Dinner with friends doesn’t spark your interest like it once did.

With a little creativity, though, you too can still celebrate Valentine’s Day in a long-distance relationship. Schedule a video call and pass the time with these fun and romantic date ideas.

10 Romantic Long-Distance Relationship Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Dress up and eat dinner by candlelight while you call.
  2. Order delivery for each other without telling what you ordered.
  3. Read sappy, 17th-century love poems (see: Shakespeare’s sonnets).
  4. Think of cheesy pick-up lines and valentine phrases.
  5. Use candy hearts as conversation starters (see instructions below).
  6. Watch a rom-com at the same time.
  7. Send each other a batch of Insomnia cookies.
  8. Play romantic music in the background while you call.
  9. Read part of a novel out loud together.
  10. Create and mail old-fashioned valentines.

Instructions for Candy Heart Conversation Starters

For this long-distance relationship Valentine’s Day idea, each person buys a few boxes of candy conversation hearts and pours them into a bowl. It’s best if the hearts come in traditional pastel colors.

While you’re calling each other on or near Valentine’s Day, take turns drawing random hearts from your bowls. The color of the heart determines which conversation prompt you must answer. After answering each prompt, eat the candy.

Here are sample conversation prompts to get you started, but feel free to write your own!

  • Pink: A favorite memory of us
  • Purple: One thing you love about me
  • Green: Something you’ve never told me before
  • Yellow: One fun activity or adventure we should do in the future
  • Red/Orange: A possible nickname for me
  • Blue/White: A joke or a funny story

(I got the idea for this activity from iMom and adapted it for long-distance couples).

Need more conversation starters? Start working on this list of 225 long-distance relationship questions. You can also choose from one of these 16 additional Skype date ideas.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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