What if your long-distance relationship brought glory to God?

Long-distance relationships are never easy. My husband and I lived more than 700 miles apart while we were dating, and our time apart was often marked by sorrow and despair.

However, I also learned that long-distance relationships can lead to deep joy when you place your hope in Jesus Christ. When you date to glorify God, you bear witness to his sacrificial love and reveal him as the source of your strength.

The purpose of Dating at a Distance is to encourage you that you’re not alone in your struggle and invite you to delight in Christ.

From advice about pursuing purity to ideas for video call dates, I hope the resources on Dating at a Distance make you excited about bringing glory to God through your long-distance relationship.

— Ruby “Aurora” Petersen

What to expect from Dating at a Distance

A successful long-distance relationship isn’t just about staying in love. Christ-centered couples are those who are learning to praise God and display His goodness, even when they’re not happy.

On Dating at a Distance, you’ll find four types of content to help you grow in Christ and strengthen your relationship.

Advice will help you apply the truth of the Bible to your long-distance relationship.

Encouragement will remind you to persevere with Scripture-based insights and stories of real women.

Ideas will help you practically embrace your God-given creativity in caring for your boyfriend.

Resources will equip you with books, statistics, checklists, and more to make the most of your time apart.

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