Common Problems

Learn how to deal with common long-distance relationship problems in light of the good news of Christ.

Uncertainty & Emotions

Find joy and peace in Christ as you wrestle with not knowing when you'll see each other again.

Moving & Getting Married

Make wise decisions about next steps for your long-distance relationship.

Sexual Purity

Set up physical and emotional boundaries that you actually want to follow.

Prayer & Scripture

Turn your thoughts to Christ with these prayers and Bible verses for long-distance relationships.

Love Languages

Learn how to speak the five love languages in a long-distance relationship.

Friends & Family

Navigate changing relationships with friends and family.

Practical Tips

Get practical advice for a variety of relationship issues.

Date Ideas

Enjoy your video calls more with these creative ideas for long-distance dates.

Gift Ideas

Find a thoughtful gift to make your long-distance boyfriend smile.

Books & Articles

Discover recommended books and articles for long-distance couples.

Facts & Statistics

Explore information and research on long-distance relationships.

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