The 10 Best Free Apps for Long-Distance Couples in 2021

The best apps for long-distance couples help you stay connected with your significant other across time zones and country lines.

The following list outlines the most useful apps for long-distance relationships, specifically for couples who value keeping things PG.

1. TextVibes (iPhone and Android)

TextVibes allows you to save and organize your favorite messages from each other. Designed with long-distance couples in mind, this app uses AI to help you rediscover meaningful messages you forgot about.


Download TextVibes or read my full review of the app’s best features for long-distance couples.

(Full disclosure: I partner with TextVibes. I only recommend products I trust.)

2. Marco Polo (iPhone and Android)

Record and send short bursts of video to each other with Marco Polo. This unique app lets you use video messages to converse with each other asynchronously. Your past videos appear in a private conversation stream, so you can go back and replay videos whenever you like.

3. TouchNote (iPhone and Android)

TouchNote lets you upload photos to create custom postcards. All you have to do is design the card and write your message, and the company will print and mail it to your boyfriend for you. It’s a quick and easy option for designing a single postcard. TouchNote is a paid, subscription-based service with free trial options.

4. Love Nudge (iPhone and Android)

Love Nudge is a reminder-based app for the Five Love Languages, and it’s developed by Moody Publishers Limited. First, take the Five Love Languages quiz to determine you and your boyfriend’s top love languages. Then, set custom reminders to show love based on suggested actions or create your own. While the app is not specifically built for long-distance couples, it’s customizable enough that you can make it work.

5. Google Duo (iPhone and Android)

Google Duo is the highest quality video calling app across 3G, LTE and WiFi, according to a Signals Research Group study. Great for two-way conversations, the app offers a low light mode and video messaging. Users report the app is much better than its sister, Google Hangouts.

6. Snapchat (iPhone and Android)

Snapchat is great for sharing smiles and short messages throughout the day. Since each Snap disappears after only a few seconds, photos sent within the app generally have a more “real life” feel. Snapchat is a great way to gradually introduce your boyfriend to different parts of your world with photos.

7. FaceTime (iPhone)

FaceTime is a popular video calling app that integrates smoothly with the Apple interface. However, it’s only available for iOS devices, so you’ll both need iPhones or Mac computers to access it.

8. Telegram (iPhone and Android)

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app that’s quickly rising in popularity. If security is a priority for you, Telegram claims to offer intense encryption and privacy protocols. This free app for long-distance relationships is most useful for couples living in different countries.

9. Skype (iPhone and Android)

Skype is a well-known app that was an early pioneer in video calling technology. Now owned by Microsoft, it works well with Android devices and PCs. If you prefer to call on your desktop or laptop computer, Skype is a great option.

10. Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp (iPhone and Android)

All of these social media apps are owned by Facebook, so their video calling features work basically the same way. You probably already have one of these apps downloaded, so they’re perfect if you’re an all-in-one place kind of couple. If you enjoy sharing interesting content and article links with each other, these apps offer a more seamless integration with your web browser.

Once you’ve selected one of these apps for long-distance couples, grab the calendar and choose a date night. Check out these 16 long-distance dates for creative ideas.

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