16 Clean Skype Date Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

If you’re struggling to come up with Skype date ideas, you’re not alone.

When my husband and I were dating at a distance, we were always on the hunt for clean and creative Skype date ideas. Making memories in our video calls helped us fight off discouragement.

If you’re the talking type, save this list of 225 questions to help you spark deeper conversations. Shared activities are another great way to connect with each other in a long-distance relationship, so try out some of these 16 long-distance date ideas during your next Skype date or video call.

16 Skype Date Ideas for Long-Distance Relationships

1. Dress up and eat dinner together

2. Create a playlist of your favorite songs

3. Work your way through 225 questions for deeper conversations

4. Bake something at the same time

5. Play a free online two-player game, like Settlers of Catan

6. Speak in an accent for the entire call

7. Read a book out loud together

8. Plan your next visit together on a Google Doc

9. Play Pictionary or hangman on Google Drawings

10. Try a DIY craft from Pinterest

11. Study the Bible together

12. Tell each other knock-knock jokes

13. Write a song or poem together

14. Browse a comedy website together

15. Create a Pinterest board for a far-off destination

16. Solve an online puzzle together

P.S. Did you know deeper communication is one of the benefits of a long-distance relationship? Learn why here.

Tips for the Less Fun Times in a Long-Distance Relationship

While long-distance dates can be the exciting highlights of distance dating, most of the time you spend apart isn’t fun at all.

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