5 Random, Practical Hacks To Beat The Distance

I may be a little biased, but long distance couples are some of the most creative couples I know. There’s something about facing unprecedented adversity in a relationship that forces you to think outside the box.

Without further ado, here are my five favorite hacks for long distance relationships:

Hack #1: Minimize video call frustrations by using a traditional phone call for audio.

Despite technological advances, video calls are still remarkably unreliable. While traditional phone calls are less likely to drop or freeze, my husband and I put up with the video while dating at a distance because we loved seeing each other.

Our long talks were revolutionized when we realized we could substitute our phones’ audio connection for the video call’s. To try this, set up the video call on your computer and mute the video call’s audio (usually a microphone symbol). Then, dial each other’s actual phone number. When your video call cuts out, your conversation can continue smoothly until the images kick back in.

Hack #2: If you’re driving a long distance, take note of which cities and states have the cheapest gas.

You may be surprised to learn that gas prices vary widely from state to state due to tax variations. When you’re making a several-hundred-mile journey, a 20-cent difference adds up. As you drive by gas stations, make a mental note of the prices and how often you have to fill up. The next time you travel on that route, you’ll know exactly where to get gas.

Hack #3: Comfort your physical-touch partner with a meaningful gift.

As Dr. Gary Chapman’s book The Five Love Languages would suggest, people who experience love best through physical touch often feel a deeper pain in long distance relationships than people with other primary love languages.

My husband is a physical touch guy, and I share in this post how a stuffed animal of significance became one of the most precious gifts I ever gave him.

Hack #4: Designate a special box for letters.

One of my favorite perks of dating at a distance is that it’s the perfect situation for writing love letters. If you write each other often, you may find your letters piling up.

The solution? Designate a special box for letters between the two of you. Keep it simple with a shoebox or find a classy vintage box at a local antique store. If you both keep a box of letters, it’s easy to reread them together on anniversaries.

Hack #5: Create a journal and pass it between you.

Creating a couple journal takes the idea of Hack #4 one step further. You and your boyfriend can take turns writing each other long letters in a notebook and exchange it when you see each other next. With postage rates higher than ever (55 cents!), this option will save you some hard-earned cash.

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