What Is A Long-Distance Relationship?

What is a long-distance relationship? How do you know if your relationship qualifies?

Long-distance relationships can span across states, countries and the world. In general, the most basic requirements for a long-distance relationship are:

  • Geographic separation of some kind
  • Limited opportunities to interact face-to-face

Usually, a 1-2 hour drive is not considered a long-distance relationship. But if you don’t own a car or have good access to transportation, 1 hour can be a significant distance.

Most people in long-distance relationships are not able to visit their significant other more than 2-3 times per month, even if they would like to.

Financial resources also play a role in whether your relationship is long-distance. People in long-distance relationships usually experience prolonged separation due to circumstances outside their control. For example, if your family owns a private jet, distance will not be that challenging for you. However, for the majority of us who are not millionaires, the cost of gas and airfare limits our ability to travel whenever we want.

While there all kinds of long-distance relationships, the most common use of the term refers to dating relationships.

The bottom line is that if your relationship feels like it’s long-distance, it probably is.

I’m in a long-distance relationship. What now?

We feel for you! As women who have “survived” long-distance, we know how difficult this season is. We also know that it’s an incredible opportunity for you to experience the love and power of Jesus Christ in your life, maybe for the first time. That’s why we created Dating at a Distance — to equip you with Christ-centered advice, encouragement, and resources.

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